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Joy Newkirk from Florida

What a great idea !!!

I just received my Send-a-Ball and was so pleasantly surprised. My daughter Sarah especially liked it and she's a very sophisticated 8th grader. It has a tendancy to bring out the child in all of us. Keep 'em coming!!!

Peter Landesman from Ohio

WOW is right !

I received a ball in the mail from a friend and my grumpy postman was smiling when he rang the bell. I've never seen anything so very unique in my life! I plan on using sendaball from now on, forget regular cards!

Sandy Kolaski from Chicago, IL


The website is cute and informative. I've sent balls for every occasion over the last few months - it has been such a godsend for me and the reactions are priceless. If you don't know what to send - send-a-ball! The best part about sending a ball, is all the really cool and different comments from the people I've sent-a-ball to. ALSO, I don't need to shop for a card, I just email and it is DONE. Any chance I can get a bumper sticker?

Bonnie Aleksic from Chicago, IL

The Sun is Shining

Michele, The sun is shining. It must be because of you. Eli, loved his ball. Thank you so much. Janene from Ohio

Get in the Game

I love it. It got me in the door and closed deals with a couple of major customers that would never meet with anyone from our company.

Stephanie McKennon

I just moved out of state & my family wanted to do something different for my 65th The neighbors thought it a riot seeing a mail man delivering a big red ball and leaving it for me on my porch, but my 3 dogs, 1 Jack Russell and 2 greyhounds loved it even more! I have to ration out playing time daily (it is so durable but too hot) and it is still surviving 7 weeks later, the rath of being chased, bounced and mauled by my newly formed "DOGGIE SOCCER TEAM." Great idea and even better for a pet lover! It takes balls to send it thru the mail and ANY person or pet would love receiving this gift that is different and better and longer lasting than flowers, fruit or candy! Katie with Dilly, Jilly & Maybeebaby

E. Kunz

I just wanted to thank you for having a unique product that ,I have sent to young and old with the same reaction happiness and laugher. I will be using you again soon.